Intellectual Property



The Valorisation and Innovation Office provides to all SISSA scientists and PhD students, who intend to apply for a patent for an interesting idea, a project at developmental stage, or a finished product, the following services:

  • General information on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Identification of protectable research results through patents and copyrights
  • Recognition of new technologies and Know-How with potential market value
  • Assistance with preparing and submitting invention Disclosure

offering you:

  • Free assessment of your invention in terms of patentability and market potential
  • Free filing of a patent application by SISSA if the invention is worthy and marketable
  • Financing, coordination and monitoring of the patenting process
  • Commercialization of the invention/the patent in collaboration with the inventor
  • Managing and monitoring of existing license agreements 


The Prior Art Search Service

Valorisation and Innovation Office in collaboration with SISSA Library offer a free service of prior art search. 

The team of Valorisation & Innovation Office and Stefania Cantagalli (Library) are the qualified team ready to help you to check the state of the art saving time and resources and could allow you to make your efforts more effective. 

You can contact in order to have more information. 


Free Consultation on Intellectual Property

Valorisation and Innovation office offers all SMEs and start-ups registered in Italy a free diagnostic service of their Industrial Property portfolio and/or potential, following the collection of their information through a very short questionnaire. The survey deals the topics of knowledge, protection, management and valorisation of industrial property titles.

Start-ups and SMEs will be made aware of the various services that the UIBM (Italian Patent and Trademark Office) is able to provide to companies, all free of charge, on the subject of:
- information/training
- support for filing applications for the granting/registration of patents, trade marks and designs
- assistance for possible commercial penetration in foreign markets
- anti-counterfeiting technologies
- access to incentives dedicated to industrial property

If you have a company and would like to participate in the questionnaire and receive some pieces of advice in the field of intellectual property please visit this page or contact us on