Vision & Values

Transfer of the results of scientific research to society and to the business sector is one of the institutional tasks carried out by SISSA.

SISSA promotes and organises research (even applied research) by favouring protection of intellectual property and economic valorisation of research results. Constant communication between researchers and the industry is a necessary condition for a successful process of technology transfer. SISSA aims at favouring collaboration with the business sector through research tasks, consulting, know-how transfer and conveyance or partnerships for joint innovation activities.

The Technology Transfer Committee evaluates technology transfer initiatives and activities according to the rules of the School concerning spin-off, intellectual property protection, as well as contracts and conventions – on behalf of a third party – for research activities, consulting, education and transfer of research results.

The Committee is composed of the Director, the Deputy Director, the Secretary-General, the Manager of General Affairs Office and a representative for each scientific area at SISSA.

Universities are seen as increasingly significant sources of knowledge and capabilities in the knowledge economy. Policy-makers and funding decison makers alike have begun to pay more attention to university missions and the ways in which university-based capabilities and activities can contribute to social and economic development in a better way.

Besides traditional university pillars (‘higher education and training’ and ‘research’), SISSA is working hard to develop new activities linked to the so called ‘University Third Mission’. Through the Third Mission Universities can activate direct interaction processes with the civil society, industry and institutions aiming at promoting social advancement and economic growth in local areas.

In line with such a priority (as defined by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes and the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research) SISSA Technology Transfer Service main objective is to promote integration of knowledge and industry and facilitating technology transfer from the academia to the society developing project proposals aimed at:
• increasing cooperation with PMI and Industries;
• promoting students’ innovative activity and entrepreunal approach;
• improving knowledge valorization and its impact.


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