Spinal injuries: a biomedical device was developed thanks to a SISSA patent

The device will soon become a biomedical product available on the market

An experimental intuition turned into an application in the treatment of spinal injuries. This is what happened to the innovative electrostimulation technique developed in the Laboratory of Applied Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology of the SISSA Neuroscience Area, led by Giuliano Taccola and based in the Gervasutta Hospital in Udine. The technique is about to transform into a biomedical product that will be soon available on the market thanks to an agreement developed with the US company SpinEX.
"This result demonstrates that basic research can be oriented towards the resolution of clinical problems and need to receive resources and to be carried out in hospitals to explore revolutionary approaches compared to current treatments."
Giuliano Taccola has developed an electrostimulation technique that facilitates the activity of the neuronal circuits of the spinal cord for motor and autonomic functional recovery in those who have suffered a spinal injury. The innovation got the attention of the global market of the electro-medicine devices of the future and cached the interest of SpinEX (https://spinexmed.com/) a company dealing with biomedical devices based on neuro-modulation.
A 10-year project with the collaboration of other bodies both nationally and internationally, first of all, the Gervasutta hospital in Udine which houses the SISSA laboratory where the first experiments on the new neuromodulation technique were carried out.