Ready to scale up: SISSA startup Aindo gains a venture capital investment

The Company has raised a €2.8M investment from Vertis Venture

SISSA startup Aindo has raised a €2.8M investment from the investment management company Vertis Venture for the further development of its synthetic data technology INTUITE.AI.

Based in Area Science Park, Trieste, Italy, Aindo was founded by a group of young data science in Trieste in 2018. Since then, it has developed into a successful player in the AI market with clients in three continents. As a startup of SISSA, Aindo seamlessly adopts new scientific developments into its solutions.

Aindo’s core product is INTUITE.AI, a synthetic data generation technology. While proper use of data has become a staple of modern organizational strategy, concerns over privacy breaches persist. These concerns restrict the ways in which companies collect, store, transfer and analyze data. Realistic synthetic data is a revolutionizing solution to these and other obstacles. Synthetic data is entirely artificial data that bears no direct relation to individual records contained in any real database.

Daniele Panfilo, CEO of Aindo says: “This investment allows us to step up all of our activities. We will assemble one of the best AI team in Europe, if not the world. We will upscale our R&D activities so that our technology is always the most cutting-edge solution. We will increase our IT activities to facilitate the most intuitive user-experience. Our business development and communications branches will be expanded, so we can better inform the world about the endless possibilities that INTUITE.AI provides.”