PHD4PMI 2018



30 PHD and PostDoc students involved

10 Teams involved in 10 projects

9   Small and Medium Enterprises and their un-met-neet

        Beantech - Cybaze - Esteco - Innova - IrisAcqua - Modefinance - Swg - Teorema - Wärtsilä


It is an experimental initiative of SISSA - in collaboration with Confindustria VG - which for the first time in Italy intends to specifically and synergically involve Small and Medium Enterprises and young researchers (PhD and PostDoc students) related to the three scientific areas of SISSA (Mathematics, Physics, Neurosciences).

Get in touch - at no cost - with the world of research and with the opportunities it can offer to support their competitiveness and at the same time try to give solutions - always at zero cost - to their real and concrete technical problems.

Each interested company / SME contacted the SISSA Valorisation and Innovation Office to express its willingness to take part in the project and, in the areas of SISSA (Simulation, Mathematical modeling, Big Data & Analytics, Augmented Reality , Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neurosciences), proposing / applying a concrete technical problem or an idea of ​​innovation that has direct relevance with its activity (present or future) in order to obtain possible proposals for solutions and ideas from young people SISSA researchers concerning:

• Technical improvements of processes / products / services using scientific skills and problem solving;

• Preliminary feasibility or technological follow-up study;
• Alternative solutions / methods proposals for precise technical problems and criticalities;
• Proof of concept and scientific validation of embryonic technical ideas born internally

The proposed need have spread to groups of young researchers who, spontaneously , have chosen to identify a solution proposal.
All information were treated confidentially, except as otherwise agreed between the SISSA Valorisation and Innovation Office and the SME.

From October 2018 to May 2019 teams and SMEs worked together on the project to propose a solution of the un-met-need.
The PhD and PostDoc students have had the possibility to have specific meeting with enterprises, to work in team (also interdisciplinary), to test new methods



The results has been presented at SISSA the 21 June 2019. The participants, PhD students and young researchers with the local SMEs told the experience from their point of view.

Click here to see the photos of the event



At the end of the PHD4PMI 2018 edition new collaborations were born between students and enterprises. 

Thanks to this pilot project we are working for a new edition, if you would like to contribute or have further information please contact Valorisation and Innovation Office