Spin-offs and Startups

Supporting development and commercialization strategies

Creating new Spin-Off & Start-up companies


SISSA supports its scientists and PhD students who wish to develop their research outputs into commercial ventures.

SISSA encourages future entrepreneurs and the establishment of new businesses as a means of generating a route to market for university intellectual property and Know-How because of the significant benefits to the university, local community and further afield.

SISSA Valorisation and Innovation Office approach is designed to give support in advising its PhD students and its young or senior scientists who want to start a business based on an idea or technology they have developed, by:

  • Identifying valuable and impactful intellectual property and Know-How
  • Assessing the commercial potential of a future product or service
  • Business model analysis and validation
  • Supporting the development of robust business plans
  • Assisting in fund raising and networking

SISSA Start-up