The SISSA Alumni Mentoring Program, established by SISSA through the Valorisation & Innovation Office in collaboration with SISSA Alumni Society, aims at boosting the relationships between SISSA Alumni and current SISSA students.

This connection helps students prepare for their future careers and lets alumni share their expertise.


MENTOR: a SISSA Alumnus driven by the spirit of "giving back", who is willing to support students in this transition phase of their life and professional path, in particular beyond academia. 

MENTEE: a student, researcher or SISSA's graduate having completed their PhD cycle whitin 2 years. 


The service will be launched on Friday 27th May, in conjunction with the first in-person SISSA Alumni Society meeting.

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  Luca Caniparoli

  PhD Statistical Physics

  Director of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics in Acqua&Sapone

  Luca Caniparoli | LinkedIn 



  Cristiano de Nobili

  PhD Statistical Physics

  Lead AI at Pi School Pi Campus,  Lecturer, Freelancer       

  Cristiano De Nobili, PhD | LinkedIn



  Martha Fabbri

  Master in Science Communication

  Head of Center of Studies at Altroconsumo              

  Martha Fabbri | LinkedIn




  Xiaochuan Giovanni Ge

  PhD Condensed Matter Physics   

  Research Scientist at Meta (Facebook)           

  Xiaochuan (Giovanni) Ge | LinkedIn 




 Marco Morandotti

 PhD Applied Mathematics

 Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Torino

 Marco Morandotti | LinkedIn



 Manuela Santo 

 PhD in Structural and Functional Genomics

 Scientist in iPSC Unit at Axxam S.p.a Milano

 Manuela Santo | Linkedin 



  Tiziano Suran 

  PhD Cognitive Neuroscience 

  Data Scientist at Equation AG 

  Tiziano Suran, Ph.D. | LinkedIn


  Marco Bruni 

  PhD Astrophysics 

  Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth  /  INFN Sezione di Trieste, Italy

  Marco Bruni | LinkedIn



   Federico Stivoli 

   PhD Astrophysics 

   Head of Data Science, Fair Connect Group

   Federico Stivoli | LinkedIn






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