Low cost technique of sequencing of the genome



  •    DNA e RNA
  •    Numerical simulations
  •    Mesoscopic models
  •    Nanopore and nanochannel
  •    Forensics diagnostics and genetics





Translocation of DNA and RNA through nanopores or solid state nanochannels. Numerical simulations and mesoscopic models.

Low-cost genome sequencing, by inference of secondary and tertiary RNA structures, and presence of any topologically complex nodes or structures. Possibility to use numerical simulations and mesoscopic models to suggest optimal nanopore and nanochannel fabrication parameters for nucleic acid sequencing or characterization of their geometric and topological complexity. For this technology the applications could be multiple, the most immediate could concern, for example, forensics diagnostics and genetics.


Compared to similar techniques currently used for genome sequencing, costs are considerably reduced (as reagents are eliminated).

Scientific Reference

Prof. C. Micheletti