Graphene based nanomaterials for biomedich applications



  •      Tissue implants /artificial tissue contructs
  •      Biosensoristics
  •      Eliminating use animals for drug
  •      Reducing time and costs



Study of the biomedical applications of sensors in terms of interactions between them and the biological material in which they are placed in contact in order to enhance their interaction as much as possible. The result of this study is realized in tissue implants / Artificial tissue contructs having two types of advantages: a) ethical, eliminating the need to use animals for drug testing and therapies and b) reducing the time necessary to carry out such tests, resulting in therefore lower costs in the testing phases.


Biomedical Industry and in particular advanced biosensoristics in the first place. In particular, the industries (BigPharma, companies focused on the Biopharmaceutical Research & Development and Drug Discovery Processes business).