•   Continuum mechanics
  •   Structure mechanics
  •   Numerical fluid dynamics
  •   Heat transfer
  •   Electromagnetism




Development and application of numerical methods and advanced computational techniques in the fields of continuum mechanics (solids, gels, fluids, gases), structure mechanics, numerical fluid dynamics, heat transfer, transport phenomena and electromagnetism.


Aero-naval-mechanical field (production of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products and construction), robotics and hospital health in the first place. In terms of immediate application advantages of these techniques and technologies, there are: process optimization, product optimization, resolution of complex problems, better understanding of the phenomena involved during the production and operating phases of the product, improvement of the quality of life of citizens (health hospitalization), pollution reduction, energy optimization.

Technology readiness level (TRL)

Actual system proven in operational environment (TRL 8/9)

Scientific referent

Prof. Antonio De Simone - SISSA Laboratory Director mathLab